If you want to create a web site, you need two things - a domain and a web hosting plan for it. The domain registration is the actual website address that you type in a web browser to reach a site, while the hosting space is where your site data will be. These are two tightly related, yet independent services, while many people assume that registering the domain name is enough. Similar to the disk space and the monthly traffic features which a given hosting plan has, there are a certain number of registered domain names you can add as hosted which means that you can have the web content for them in some account even if the domains are actually registered via a different service provider. In technical terms, it doesn't matter whether a domain is registered and hosted using the same company or is registered with one company and pointed to a different one - in either case your sites will function exactly the same way.

Hosted Domains in Cloud Website Hosting

Our cloud website hosting plans come with a different number of domain addresses that you can host in a single account. If you want to have one or a few web sites, you do not need a lot of resources, so you don't have to purchase a very powerful plan and you can choose a lower-end one. If you choose to have more websites later on, you can always upgrade the whole package or just the hosted domains feature of your current package - it will take only a few mouse clicks in your hosting Control Panel to accomplish this. There is no limit how many domains you can register through our company and by picking out the most suitable plan, you can decide how many of them you'll actually host. In case you already have domain names that are registered via a different provider, you'll be able to host them with us as well and use our web and e-mail hosting services for them.