The monthly traffic characteristic, which is sometimes also referred to as bandwidth or data transfer, refers to the full amount of data which can be uploaded to your cloud website hosting account and downloaded from it each month. The site traffic is generated predominantly by website visits - every time someone goes to your website, the pages they see are downloaded from your hosting server to his / her computer system or smartphone and they are shown by the web browser. What counts for the website traffic produced is the overall size of these webpages, therefore the more website visitors you get for some period of time, the more site traffic will be produced. Along with the website visits, file uploads are also counted towards the entire monthly transfer this means that when you upload website content as well as other files through a file manager or an FTP program, they will also generate some site traffic. The counter resets on the very first day of each month and it is not related to the date you have signed up as well as the date you have renewed the website hosting package.

Monthly Traffic in Cloud Website Hosting

We have selected all of the features of our cloud website hosting plansin a way, in order to help the growth of any site hosted on our advanced cloud platform. The traffic that your account can produce is not an exception, therefore with a website hosting plan through us, you will not have to worry about the amount of content being transferred to and from your account at any time. You'll be able to host a lot of small and medium-sized sites and be sure that the monthly traffic quota will not be a problem for their development. In addition, we provide detailed hourly, daily and monthly statistics which will give you additional details for the traffic that a particular website generates or which particular page/file is being downloaded the most and generates the most traffic. This data will help you organize the supervision of your web sites along with your marketing techniques better.